Crazy Frog – Short Tab Lesson

$ 4,99

Learn to play my short cover of Crazy Frog in this video lesson!
Follow along with the tab on screen!



This is the official playthrough with tabs on the screen from my short cover video of Axel F by Crazy Frog.

Watch it on:

Follow along with the tab on screen, while I’m playing it at different speeds.

This lesson will include:

  • Short tab with tuning and BPM
  • Short backing track
  • Video with several playthroughs in different tempos which are:
    • 50% Speed Play-Through: Perfect for detailed learning, allowing you to grasp each technique at a slower pace.
    • 75% Speed Play-Through: Gradually increase the tempo, reinforcing your understanding and building proficiency.
    • Full Speed Play-Through: To play along when you’ve got it under control.