JensJulius Tejlgaard is a guitarist, songwriter and music producer from Denmark.
Over the past 6 years he has build a fan base with over 1.250.000 followers across social media platforms and has gained more than 250.000.000 total views.
He has been shared and recognized by artists like Alan Walker, Avenged Sevenfold and Jonas Brothers among others, and he has also been shared on several music sites. 
JensJulius Tejlgaard (Aka JJ) is best known for his rearrangements of popular pop and rock songs, and has inspired many people around the world to start making music and play guitar. He has collaborated with many other creators and brands such as LG, Skillshare, LavaMusic, HyVibe, Positive Grid, Prime, STL Tones, Xvive, Enya Music, DistroKid and more